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Kridlekrax is closer than you think! Can you find evidence of the creature in your area and document it for the dragon hunters?

Krindlekrax is a huge creature. Is he a monstrous crocodile or a giant dragon? No one is quite sure as no one has seen it. There have been reportings of claw marks on walls and some footprints near drains. One dragon hunter even found a tooth just outside a local bakery (very strange indeed). Some people have begun to document this evidence recording photographs, films and audio files.
Below are some examples of evidence recorded by expert dragon hunters:

Can you find and record evidence of Krindkekrax?

Please look carefully at your local environment. If you see or hear anything strange, that might be related to Krindlekrax, please record it and post your findings below.

Where are you likey to find Krindlekrax

Given the evidence collected so far, where do you think you are most likely to find evidence of Krindlekrax?

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