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A dragon is on the loose, but which one? Help the dragon hunters to find the right creature by adding a page to the precious 'Dragons of the World' book.

Familarisation with Text Type

You will be creating a fictional non-fiction book about dragons. What are the features of a non-fiction book?

Find some non-fiction books about animals. What are the similarities and differences between them?


Now, take a look at this example created by two 10 and 11 year olds. They thought carefully about the title, subheadings, diagrams and captions.

What do you notice about the style of writing? What types of sentences did they use and why? What scientific vocabluary did they use?  Is it written in past or present tense? Why?

Drawing your Dragon

Draw, paint or create a collage of a dragon and post it in the messages section below. Before you begin consider the features of your dragon. How has it adapted to its environment?

Does it live in the arctic? If so, how does it keep warm?

Does it live in water? If so, how does it move in the water?

Does it live in the desert? If so, how does it ensure that predators (or prey) can't see it?

Once you have created your dragon, send us the picture with a few lines about it and we'll upload it onto this page.

Where would you find this dragon?

Look carefully at the image of the dragon above. In which habitat do you think it lives?

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