This challenge is from the Planning section of the Mission to Marzipan project.

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What skills and qualities are needed to be a good explorer? What makes an explorer 'significant'? How do we set about finding out?

Researching Explorers from the Past

Before creating the Mission to Marzipan ARG the designers developed their subject knowledge by familiarisign themselves with the strands of the UK national curriculum for history..

After this they then began researching some significant historical figures: Nelly Bly, Zheng He, Ibn Battuta, Alexandra David Neel, Neil Armstrong, Mary Kingsley.

Each designer chose a character to research. Which will you choose?

There are many beautiful picture books about these explorers.Choose one and begin your investigations or begin your research online.

Zheng He

Demi (2013) The Great Voyages of Zheng He , Shen’s books

Benjamin of Tudela


Shulevitz, U. (2005) Travels of Benjamin of Tudela, Farrar Strans Girou

Neil Armstrong

Brown, D. (2001) One Giant Leap: the story of Neil Armstrong, Boston, Mass: Houghton Miffin

Mary Kingsley

Brown, D. (2003) Uncommon traveller: Mary Kinsley in Africa, Boston, Mass: Houghton Miffin

Ibn Battuta

Rumford, J.(2001) Travelling Man: the Journey of Ibn Battuta, Boston, Mass: Houghton Miffin

Which is the most important quality needed by an explorer?

Select the quality you believe to be most important. It vital that an explorer is.....

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