Mission to Marzipanmore_vert

Agent One is lost in space and needs your help to complete his mission.

Mission to Marzipanclose Educational setting: Charles Sturt University

Age range: 7 to 8

Krindlekrax ARGmore_vert

There is a beast on the loose and it's heading towards the school! Can you catch it before it's too late?

Krindlekrax ARGclose Educational setting: Charles Sturt University

Age range: 9 to 10

The Stolen Salt Cellarmore_vert

Travel through time to 1601 to seek out and interpret the evidence and catch the thief!

The Stolen Salt Cellarclose Educational setting: Charles Sturt University

Age range: 7 to 9

The Tower of Babel Coming Soon!
The Tower of Babel

Collaborate with others to build a contemporary 'Tower of Babel' based on the principles of European civilization.

Ghosts of a Chance Coming Soon!
Ghosts of a Chance

Daisy Fortunis and Daniel Libbe are curators at the museum. They have something in common … something strange… something to do with spirits. Can you discover the incredible story that binds them together?

A Cat Escapes Coming Soon!
A Cat Escapes

Jasmine the kitten has been cat-napped! Trapped in a small room, she has learnt to type and can now communicate via email. Can you help this amazing cat escape captivity?

Viola Quest Coming Soon!
Viola Quest

Viola, a first year undergraduate student, has found a mysterious letter and map in her Gran’s house. She knows there is much, much more to discover....Can you help her uncover the secrets?

Prospero’s Island Coming Soon!
Prospero’s Island

Explore Prospero's Island and discover the secrets hidden there.

Blood on the Stacks Coming Soon!
Blood on the Stacks

This thief had more in mind than a simple theft! He or she intended to engage us in a game of wits, and that's where you come in...

Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry Coming Soon!
Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry

Join a secret society called JENIUS (Junto of Enlightened Naturalists and Inventors for a United Society). Then curate a special subset of covert Patent Office designs known as the Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry.

To the Spice Islands Coming Soon!
To the Spice Islands

The Australian Netherlands Marine Research Centre (ANMRC) needs your help. They have discovered a letter concerning the fate of a child on board a Dutch East India ship. Can you change the course of history?

Mighty Fizz Chilla ARG Coming Soon!
Mighty Fizz Chilla ARG

The residents of Ocean Estate need your help. There's a beast on the loose. Can you catch it before it reaches the local school?

This project is coming soon Coming Soon!
This project is coming soon