Mission to Marzipan

Agent One is lost in space and needs your help to complete his mission.
  • Project details

  • Designed by: Angela Colvert (University of Roehampton)
  • Designed by: Trainee Teachers from University of Roehampton (University of Roehampton)
  • Educational setting: Sir John Lillie Primary School ( Primary) & University of Roehampton ( Tertiary)
  • Educational focus: literacy history geography art
  • Age range: 7 to 8

Fictional Context

Agent One is a time traveller who is lost in space. He's bumped his head and can't remember any of his training. He's forgotten everything he ever knew about how to be an explorer.

He needs to complete his mission to the planet Marzipan and is in desperate need of help. The 6 and 7 year old children of Sir John Lillie Primary School have been invited to join the time travelling agency. They will need to retrain him and give him the tools and equipment he needs, developing their own skills in the process.

Overview of Aims and Objectives

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Joining the Time Travel Agency

Once the children had been formally accepted into the Time Travel Agency, they would enter the time portal that the students had created for them using green screen technologies.

Time vortex trailer (with vortex video) from ARGLE.NET on Vimeo.

Contacting Past Explorers to Ask for Help

The students researched the lives of Alexandra David Neel, Nellie Bly, Ibn Battuta, Neil Armstrong. and created blogs, writing in role as these explorers from the past. These blogs would support the children to understand why these explorers were 'significant people' and help them to make comparisons between them.

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What skills and qualities does a good explorer need?: Challenge 1

To prepare for this challenge, the children contacted explorers from the past to discover the skills and qualities they posessed and how these helped them complete their own missions. The children examined the blogs written by Nelly Bly, Neil Armstrong, Ibn Battuta and Alexandra David Neel which contained videos, images and short written texts about their adventures and discoveries. They also read picture books about these explorers and made notes about their lives. Once they had gathered the information they needed, each group listed the skills and qualities that they felt these explorers posessed and placed these in order, from most imporatant to least important. Each group then compared and discussed their views and opinions with the other groups.

The children were told that the Agency needed new recruits. To join the agency the children must first complete an agent profile for the website. The children were told that each profile should include their agent self-portrait and a list of skills and qualities that make them good explorers.

Once they had been accepted into the agency the children set about helping Agent One.

In order to piece together the SOS message from Agent One, the children needed to locate capsules containing memory sticks, which had been scattered around the playground. The hunt for these was very exciting and the children were keen to return to the class to reassemble the message and discover the challenges they would need to tackle.

A Great Explorer Overcomes Challenges: Challenge 2

Agent One's spaceship had broken down and he didn't know how to fix it! The children set about building him some tools and machines that they thought might help him. In doing so they met learning objectives related to the Art and Design aspects of the curriculum.

A Great Explorer is a Good Navigator: Challenge 3

Agent One was lost so the children made a map to help Agent One find his way home. They looked at the maps past explorers used to learn about the features of maps and also learnt about navigation tools that explorers used to help them discover there whereabouts.

A Great Explorer Makes Great Discoveries: Challenge 4

Agent one had lost several items during his journey, including his laptop. The children used time portals to look into the past and find the items he had lost. The children then scripted and filmed news reports about the discoveries they had made.

A Great Explorer needs the Right Equipment: Challenge 5

The explorers of the past had sent some artefacts through the time portal. These included a Victorian ink pot and pen from Nelly Bly, a cine-camera from Neil Armstrong and many other items too. After examining these items and discussing why they were useful during the expeditions, the children created a list of items that Agent One would need to find before he could complete his mission successfully. For example, Neil Armstrong had used a camera to document his discoveries and Nelly Bly had written her accounts down by hand before they were printed. The Children decided that Agent One would need a digital camera to film and photograph his travels.

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