Mission to Marzipan Planning Challenge Plan!
Mission to Marzipan Planning Challenge

What skills and qualities are needed to be a good explorer? What makes an explorer 'significant'? How do we set about finding out?

Krindlekrax Making Challenge Make!
Krindlekrax Making Challenge

A dragon is on the loose, but which one? Help the dragon hunters to find the right creature by adding a page to the precious 'Dragons of the World' book.

Stolen Salt Cellar Playing Challenge Play!
Stolen Salt Cellar Playing Challenge

Queen Elizabeth's valuable silver salt cellar has been stolen. Can you discover the suspect who is lying? Compare two sources of evidence, filmed interviews and CCTV footage, to solve the case.

Mission to Marzipan New Projects!
Mission to Marzipan

Agent One is lost in space and needs your help to complete his mission.

Welcome to ARGLE! Blog!
Welcome to ARGLE!

Welcome to Argle.net, a community site dedicated to exploring the potential of alternate reality gaming in education.

Had fun playing this tonight with @MonstersCanRead themermaidstongue.com Loved the codebreaking! Great idea for… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@robin2reader Keep going! Your work is so interesting...The pieces will all fit together soon and I’m looking forward to finding out more!